Maggie Beer on a crusade to improve food in nursing homes

MAGGIE BEER, one of Australia’s most loved chefs, has partnered with Country Health SA to improve the food dished up in nursing homes.

Ms Beer will work on a trial to improve the quality of food served in two South Australian nursing homes as part of the SA Government’s Ageing Action Plan.

“Good food is important for everyone, but more so for someone who has limited control over their future. What can be more immediate than giving people beautiful food and the difference it makes to every day in their life?’’ Ms Beer told The Advertiser (17 February 2014).

She also hopes to shine a light on nursing homes which  do food well.

The quality of food in nursing homes seems to be a passion of Ms Beer’s, who has spoken out about the issue in the past.

“I’d rather shoot myself then be in [a facility] eating the food on offer. Thankfully there are exceptions. But, it makes me want to fight for another option,” said Ms Beer to an Aged and Community Services Australia conference in Hobart in 2010.

“Food is more than a means of sustenance. It has to be a pleasure and bring joy to those who need joy.”

Although only a trial, the SA Government and Ms Beer collaboration is a positive step towards addressing the poor quality of food in nursing homes.

It is encouraging to see such a high-profile figure such as Ms Beer take on the issue.

“This is a mission dear to my heart. So I am delighted to be working with Country Health SA in a project that has the potential to change the way we ‘do food’ in aged care in those facilities where beautiful, fresh food has not been a priority,” said Maggie Beer.