Reportable assaults, sex attacks in nursing homes up 27%

"There were 2,862 serious assaults and sex attacks on nursing home residents over 2015/2016 according to a report published by the Australian Government. This is an increase of 9 per cent compared with last year's statistic of 2,625 attacks", said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

"The Australian Government tries to downplay the obvious horror of such numbers by expressing them as a proportion of the number of residents during any given year. Over 2015-2016, the Government report says, there were 234,931 residents in care, which means that 'only' 1.2 per cent of nursing home residents were viciously assaulted.

"Taking the Australian Government's approach of expressing assaults as a percentage of the nationwide nursing home population, the rate of assault in nursing homes has increased by 27 per cent, because in 2014-2015 'only' 0.9 per cent of nursing residents were viciously assaulted.

"Reportable assaults on nursing home residents exclude assaults by other residents. Resident-on resident assaults are not recorded but can be assumed to be numerous."

The full report can be found here:


Year Nursing home places Reportable assaults
2008-2009 228038 1411
2009-2010 237164 1488
2010-2011 247379 1815
2011-2012 252890 1971
2012-2013 254848 2256
2013-2014 263788 2353
2014-2015 273503 2625
2015-2016 234931 2862


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