Aged care survey shows nurses aren’t nursing

"The results of the Aged Care Workforce Survey show that workers want more time to care for nursing home residents. Aged care work can be very rewarding, but only when workers have enough time to do a good job." said Ellis Blaikie, CPSA Policy Coordinator.

"The majority of Registered Nurses are spending less than one third of their time caring for residents, as more and more are taken off the floor to work in managerial positions. This is a big concern given that residents are entering care with more complex care
needs than ever before.

"Interviews with front-line aged care workers revealed that many are worried about staffing levels in nursing homes and the fact that Registered Nurses are spending less time delivering care." said Ms Blaikie.

The 2016 National Aged Care Workforce Census and Survey is funded by the Department of Health. A copy of the final report is available on the Department's website.

Media Contact: Ellis Blaikie, CPSA Policy Coordinator
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