Pensioners support law forcing publication of nursing home staffing levels

“CPSA welcomes a Private Member’s Bill being introduced into Federal Parliament today by Independent MP Rebekha Sharkie which will force aged care providers to publicly disclose their staffing ratios,” said CPSA Policy Coordinator, Paul Versteege.

“CPSA, like many other community organisations serious about aged care reform, supports mandatory staff-to-residents ratios, tied to the care funding package received by each nursing home resident. There are currently no laws for this. Any nursing home can do what it likes and be secretive about it.

“In the absence of mandatory staff-to-residents ratios, getting nursing homes to simply tell anyone who wants to know how their staffing works and how many nurses and nurse assistants there are in each shift is an important first step.

“Any nursing home refusing to provide information about staffing levels should be distrusted by prospective residents and their family, friends or advocates.

“CPSA urges Ms Sharkie’s parliamentary colleagues to get behind the Aged Care Amendment (Staffing Ratio Disclosure) Bill 2018, which would allow vulnerable residents and their families to know exactly how many nurses and carers are on duty in aged care facilities across the country.”

Media contact: Paul Versteege, Policy Coordinator

Mobile: 0409 81 41 81