Aged Care

Access to quality aged care when required should be available to everyone who needs it at an affordable price. People should be able to access adequate care within their own homes, with nursing home care being a last resort for those with high care, complex needs. 

Mandatory staff to resident ratios should be used in aged care facilities to ensure quality of care and lifestyle of residents are achieved and maintained. These ratios must be based on the care needs and clinical acuity of residents.

The accreditation process must be overhauled to ensure that aged care providers provide a level of care that meets the needs of residents, based on an objective assessment of the care outcomes experienced by residents.

CPSA is fundamentally opposed to forcing people who have no other significant assets to sell or reverse mortgage their home to pay for residential or community aged care.

Read CPSA's full aged care policy here

Another conflict of interest in aged care

MINISTER for Ageing Justine Elliot’s temporary appointment of Professor John Kelly AM as Aged Care Commissioner presents a huge conflict of interest because of his current role as a ‘non-executive’ of aged care provider Riviera Health.

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Wallsend residents stop aged care sell-off

Wallsend residents are celebrating after the NSW Government scrapped plans to sell the local aged care facility.

The victory comes after a string of protests from staff and residents’ families from Wallsend Aged Care Facility, as well as a petition with 10,000 signatures opposing the planned sell-off that was presented to Parliament.

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Another review?

Tacked on to the aged care proposals was a commitment to have the Productivity Commission conduct another review of the aged care sector.

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Health and Aged Care Reform

The Australian Government has proposed new money for aged care in order to fill gaps in the sector. Here’s what’s on the table:

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