Saving energy tips and tricks

Electricity prices in Australia have doubled in the last ten years and are causing considerable financial stress for the majority of consumers. 

A recent EY survey found that 1 in 8 Australians have missed an electricity payment because they couldn't afford it. With the nation's largest energy retailers introducing yet another price hike on 1 July, it's important to reduce electricity usage where you can.

If you do not yet have LED lightbulbs, you are robbing yourself.

If you are struggling to pay your energy bills and you live in NSW, you may be eligible for financial support or payment assistance.

The NSW Government provides a range of energy rebates, including for people using life support equipment, low income households, and people with medical conditions that make it hard to regulate their body temperature.

If you live in NSW and have a Pension Concession Card you may also be eligible to access the Home Energy Action Program. This state initiative provides financial assistance to people wanting to replace their old energy guzzling appliances with energy savings appliances.

For more information about these schemes and rebates call CPSA on 1800 451 488.