State & Territory pensioner concessions face the chop come 1 July

Pensioners stand to lose critical state and territory concessions and rebates from 1 July 2014 as part of the Australian Government’s budget cuts.

“States and territories will lose over $1.3 billion in federal funding over the forward estimates for pensioner concessions,” said CPSA Senior Advisor Charmaine Crowe.

“This funding contributes to pensioners’ state and territory energy rebates, transport concessions and council rate rebates, which keep many pensioners afloat.”

“But the funding cut will pressure the states and territories to slash these concessions, not least because they will also have to find $80 billion to fund hospitals and schools.”

“Pensioners are being attacked in this budget. The pension indexation changes mean that the relative value of the pension will drop by $100 per week over ten years. And now their much needed concessions are under threat.”

“CPSA supports those premiers who oppose state and territory cuts and calls on them to give pensioners an assurance that their concessions won’t go pending negotiations with the Australian Government.”

Contact: Charmaine Crowe, Senior Advisor, Research & Advocacy
Mobile: 0422 707 332