Pensioners welcome concessions commitment

“Pensioners are pleased that the NSW Coalition have committed to funding pensioner and seniors concessions for another three years should they be re-elected,” said CPSA Manager, Research and Advocacy, Amelia Christie.

“Concessions (including the Council Rate Rebate, the Low Income Household Rebate, the $2.50 travel ticket as well as licence and car registration concessions) have had an uncertain future since the Australian Government cut $107 million (or roughly ten per cent) of the funding for NSW rebates in the 2014 Federal Budget.

“These concessions are vital for pensioners to be able to stay on top of essential bills when living on a low fixed income.

“The future of concessions has been a top concern for pensioners and CPSA continues to push for a longer term commitment to their future. Many of these concessions need to be increased. For example, the Council Rate Rebate has remained at its current level since it was introduced in 1993 so has not kept up with increasing rates.

“CPSA has been calling for the full funding of all concessions as part of its campaigning in the lead up to the March State Election and calls for NSW Labor to commit to funding pensioner concessions into the longer term,” said Ms Christie.

Media Contact: Amelia Christie, Manager, Research and Advocacy
Mobile: 0410 612 182

You can find Premier Baird's media release here.