Pensioners demand electricity price overhaul

"CPSA welcomes the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's report that describes the current situation of high electricity prices and bills as unacceptable and unsustainable", said policy officer, Bronagh Power.

"CPSA agrees with the ACCC's conclusion that pay on time discounts are, in effect, very large late payment penalties that unfairly punish people who are already struggling with high electricity prices.

"It is unacceptable that more and more people must make the choice between staying warm this winter or buying food and medication.

"CPSA welcomes the Greens announcement that they will push for a parliamentary commission of inquiry into the failures of deregulation and privatisation of electricity retailers.

"Electricity is an essential service and addressing the crisis that people living on low incomes face as they struggle to keep up with the cost of these services must be a priority", said Ms Power.

Media Contact: Bronagh Power, Policy Officer
Mobile: 0409 556 202