Extreme electricity price hike opportunity to reform NSW pensioner concessions

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) has announced that electricity prices are to rise by 18 per cent on 1 July, two per cent higher than expected.

“Annual prices for households will rise by up to $427 on an average consumer bill with the Low Income Energy Rebate being raised by $15”, said policy and research officer, Amelia Christie

“CPSA calls for IPART to be given the role of setting rebates. As an independent body, they are in the most appropriate position to review rebates and other assistance measures relative to household income and geographical location, removing the political agenda from setting pension and allowance rebates.

“There have, however, long been criticisms that pensioners concessions have not kept pace with price increases, meaning that the cost of essentials has increasingly become less affordable for many pensioners and low-income earners.

“A number of rebates – such as local government water rebates, the council rate rebate, the low income household energy rebate – are not indexed in line with utility price increases or the consumer price index (CPI)”, said Ms Christie.

Media Contact:
Amelia Christie, Research/Policy Officer
0410 612 182