Is the NSW Pensioner Water Rebate also at risk?

“The NSW Government should state its position on the future of the Pensioner Water Rate Rebate, because in country areas, this rebate is linked to the Pensioner Council Rate Rebate, which has been the target of possible cuts[1]”, said Senior Policy Advisor, Charmaine Crowe.

“Pensioners in the country get a concession on their water and sewerage charges of $175 per year, in conjunction with the $250 council rate rebate. This helps to cover rates, which are over $2,000 per year in some local government areas.”

“The question is, if the Local Government Council Rate Rebate is cut, is the Water Rate Rebate at risk, too?”

“If it is, country pensioners stand to lose up to $425 per year.”

“These rebates have not risen since 1993, and should therefore be increased, not cut. Pensioners, particularly those on the full-rate pension, find it more and more difficult to pay their rates because rate rises over the past 20 years have greatly eroded the rebates’ value.”