Fewer than half of NSW train stations accessible

AN investigation by the ABC has found that fewer than half of NSW train stations are wheelchair accessible, with the worst areas for accessibility being in Sydney’s Western Suburbs and the Blue Mountains.

Of NSW’s 311 train stations, 162 have no wheelchair access.

The NSW Government has committed $890 million over the next four years to improve disability access of train stations.

However, the ABC found that only nine train stations were upgraded in 2014.

If upgrades are to continue at this rate, it will be another 18 years until all train stations are made accessible.

Even where a train station is wheelchair accessible, people using wheelchairs often have problems getting on and off the train because they need a ramp.

Train stations with no disability access also present problems for people with prams, walking frames, as well as people with mobility difficulties.

For people with a disability and older people, inaccessible transport puts in place another barrier to engagement with their communities and workforce participation.

Wheelchair user travelling directly on train tracks saying "who needs accessible trains and stations!"