No Mobility Allowance for Age Pensioners

FROM 1January 2017, the Mobility Allowance will move to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This sounds like a logical move, but it also means the Mobility Allowance will no longer be available to people over 65, even though the Age Pension eligibility age is now approaching 67, and is likely to be moved to 70.

The NDIS is being 'rolled out', which means it is available in some places, but not yet in others. Someone who acquires a disability before the NDIS has been rolled out in their area and subsequently turns 65, will not qualify for the NDIS once it comes to their area. Instead, they will go on a second-rate scheme called the Commonwealth Continuity of Support Programme.

Mobility Allowance recipients who are assessed to be eligible will receive NDIS support rather than the Mobility Allowance, once NDIS is available in their own locality. Except if you are 65 or over.

Existing Mobility Allowance customers will be grandfathered and remain on the payment based on the current eligibility criteria. If they cancel their payment, they will lose their grandfathered status and be subject to the new eligibility criteria.

The grace period during which a customer can receive Mobility Allowance while not engaging in a qualifying activity will also reduce from twelve to four weeks.
Where an NDIS client exits the NDIS, they will not be able to return to Mobility Allowance at a later date.