Coalition confirms support for Disability and Carers but all parties silent on NDIS age discrimination

“CPSA welcomes the Coalition’s commitment to maintaining the timeframe of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the level of funding,” said Senior Policy Advisor, Amelia Christie.

“Older Australians however are calling on all parties to commit to removing the discriminatory age cap of 65 on eligibility. One of the key premises of the NDIS, which CPSA supports, is that it will remove the rationing and lottery system that people with disability currently face. Yet this lottery system will continue for people with disability over the age of 65 who will be forced to deal with the rationed and ill-fitting aged care system.

“This is age discrimination plain and simple and CPSA is not the only one saying so. The Parliament’s own Joint Committee on Human Rights has asked why the NDIS is exempt from the Age Discrimination Act 2004 and is yet to receive an answer.[1]

“CPSA calls on Labor, the Coalition and the Greens to make a commitment to removing this age cap and provide a plan about how they will roll out the NDIS to all Australians.

“Carers across the country welcome the assurance that their Carer Payment, Allowance and Supplement will remain intact under a Coalition Government,” said Ms Christie.

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