Hands off Disability, Mr Hockey

“Australian Treasurer Mr Hockey’s suggestion that the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) should be managed by Medibank Private would be a huge loss for people with disabilities”, said Amelia Christie, CPSA Senior Policy Advisor.

“The Government appears hell-bent on privatising Medibank Private so this suggests that the Abbott Government intends on privatising the NDIS too and shirking its commitment to the Scheme and Australians with disability.

“People with disabilities and their carers have been waiting for far too long for adequate support services and to be told that the overarching scheme may be placed within a health insurer that’s to be sold off is abhorrent. It will no doubt lead to less money for support services for people with disability with public money being siphoned off to share-holders.

“If the Abbott Government is adverse to multiple bureaucratic bodies, why would they not place the responsibility for the NDIS within Medicare rather than with a body that they intend to privatise?

“CPSA calls on the Commission of Audit to rule out the suggestion that the NDIS will ever be run by Medibank Private and calls on the Abbott Government to give assurances to Australians that the NDIS will remain in Government hands”, said Ms Christie.

Media contact: Amelia Christie, Senior Policy Advisor
Mobile: 0410 612 182