People with disability need support to work, not payment cuts

“The National Disability Insurance Scheme must support people with a disability to participate in the workforce. Otherwise cuts to the Disability Support Pension will only result in more people accessing the unemployment benefit and do nothing to reduce the number of welfare recipients”, said Senior Policy Advisor Charmaine Crowe.

“According to the ABS, Australia has one of the highest unemployment rates of people with a disability in the OECD, falling behind the US, the UK and Mexico.”[1]

“Only 54% of people with a disability aged between 15 and 64 are in the workforce.”

“The announcement that the Disability Support Pension will be targeted in an effort to reduce welfare spending comes off the back of suggestions made to the Commission of Audit to include the family home in the Age Pension means test.”

“CPSA calls on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to rule out means-testing the family home to put at ease the minds of almost two million pensioners who stand to be affected by such a proposal.”

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