NSW energy customers stand to be thrown into the hands of worst practice retailers

“The two leading contenders to take over NSW’s energy retailers, AGL and Origin Energy, have treated their customers so poorly that they have been required to report monthly to the state regulator, the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal. In spite of this stamp of disapproval, the NSW Government is only too keen to continue with its privatisation plans, potentially handing over the majority of NSW energy customers to these poor performers,” said Charmaine Crowe, CPSA Policy Coordinator.

“CPSA urges anyone concerned about the privatisation of the energy retailers Energy Australia, Integral Energy and Country Energy to attend a public meeting at the NSW Parliament House Theatrette, at 10.30 am, Tuesday 30 November.”

“The NSW Government needs to know that the last thing energy customers need is a further drop in customer protections and the cessation of price regulation”.

“The Victorian experience shows that with privatisation came manipulative marketing strategies and poorer customer service. Given the record price rises NSW customers have had to wear, the last thing they need is price deregulation, an erosion of customer protections and cowboy retail practices which are all on the cards if the state-owned retailers are privatised.”

Where: NSW Parliament House Theatrette, Macquarie St, Sydney

When: Tuesday 30 November 2010

Time: 10.30 am


Contact: Charmaine Crowe, Policy Coordinator

Mobile: 0410 612 182