Tax Office and Centrelink ignore elderly who are not online

“Changes at the Australian Tax Office (ATO) and Centrelink mean that some Australian pensioners who need to submit a tax return are left in limbo”, said Senior Policy Advisor, Amelia Christie.

“Centrelink no longer sends out Payment Summaries automatically to pensioners. Automatic dispatch of payment summaries has been replaced with online options. These work fine, unless you are, say, in your eighties, not online and you prepare your own tax return in hard copy.

“There literally is no way of having your Payment Summary sent out to you through the mail and it is an insult to those elderly Australians who want to pay tax but understandably don’t want to buy a computer to submit a tax return.

“On top of that the ATO is no longer distributing paper-based tax packs to newsagencies.

“CPSA calls on the Minister for Human Services, Senator Jan McLucas, to sort out what might be a small oversight to Centrelink, but which is making elderly Australians affected by it quite anxious”, said Ms Christie.

Contact: Amelia Christie, Senior Policy Advisor
Mobile: 0410 612 182 

Note: Paper TaxPacks are now only available by calling 1300 720 092 or by visiting your nearest ATO shopfront.