CPSA welcomes appointment to Board of Cemeteries Agency

“The Cemeteries and Crematoria Bill 2013 that passed the NSW Parliament has some positive amendments in it that will hopefully mean that there are some protections against price gouging by an industry that doesn’t have the best record in acting in the interests of bereaved families,” said Senior Policy Advisor, Amelia Christie.

“In particular we are pleased that CPSA will be on the Board of Cemeteries Agency as we campaigned for there to be a strong community voice in its midst.

“The addition of the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) having a role in reviewing the interment sector to investigate cost comparisons and competition is long overdue.

“While the revised Bill has provisions within it to move towards ‘mandatory codes of practice’ within 5 years, these need to be tightened to ensure that this actually eventuates. CPSA looks forward to working on the Board and developing codes that are in the best interests of low income people living in NSW”, said Ms Christie.

Media contact: Amelia Christie, Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: 0410 612 182