All health services must be accessible to all consumers. Those consumers who are forced to travel long distances for health care must be adequately catered for. There should be more community participation in health and community service. There is a need for adequate representation at local and regional health services. CPSA opposes a two-tier system of health care and the privatisation of health services.

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My Health Record: in or out?

The roll-out of My Health Record has created a media storm, with arguments for and against participation flying thick and fast.

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Plan your healthcare

Advance Care Planning Australia (ACPA) has reported that it has received five times the number of calls it did the previous year.

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EnableNSW and home care packages

People over 65 who have a disability are excluded from EnableNSW, NSW's disability aids and equipment scheme.

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HbA1c everybody!

If you don't know what the HbA1c test is, read on!

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Private health insurance is unwell

If you are one of the lucky ones who can still afford private health insurance, you may have found that your policy didn't quite cover what you thought it covered.

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