All health services must be accessible to all consumers. Those consumers who are forced to travel long distances for health care must be adequately catered for. There should be more community participation in health and community service. There is a need for adequate representation at local and regional health services. CPSA opposes a two-tier system of health care and the privatisation of health services.

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CPSA campaign on public dental care

CPSA has heard many stories from members and others about the long waiting times for public dental work through NSW Health. It means, for example, that people whose dentures need a reline to become usable again, wait for months and months.

The NSW Government is not treating this for what it is, a healthcare crisis very flippantly. This is what the NSW Health website says:

Approximately 47% of the NSW population is eligible for public oral health services. The NSW criteria of eligibility for public dental services are more generous than most other States and Territories. It should be noted that although the broad eligibility criteria may be met, limited resources and available services may result in waiting times to access care.​

May result, now there’s an understatement!

Obviously, anyone who can pay or can scrape the money together to have their teeth seen to by a private dentist, will do that.

Those on the waiting list for public dental care are the poorest of the poor in New South Wales. It is an outrage that they are not looked after.

All those people who find themselves on the waiting list for public dental in NSW are invited to contact CPSA if they want CPSA to make a complaint on their behalf to the  NSW Minister for Health with a copy being sent to the Shadow Minister for Health . The contact number is 1800 451 488.

This CPSA initiative is a campaign for adequate public dental healthcare. We will make the complaint about the relevant local health district. Lots of complaints by an advocacy organisation such as CPSA put the problem on the map.

CPSA joins dental advisory group

CPSA has received and accepted an invitation to participate in the Geriatric Dental Advisory Group, which brings together organisations and persons with expertise and interest in geriatric care to provide advice to the Centre for Oral Health Strategy in the NSW Ministry of Health.

The primary function of the Advisory Group is described as providing “advice on state-wide matters relevant to achieving better oral health care for older persons in order to meet the challenging needs of an ageing population”.

Double health care cards

THE estimated 91,000 people who lost their pension as of 1 January 2017 would have received a Commonwealth Seniors Health Card as well as a Low Income Health Care Card.

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New public dental scheme pulled

The May 2016 Budget papers trumpeted a huge improvement to public dental care programs run by the state and territory Governments. The plan was to replace the current Child Dental Benefits Scheme with the new Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme, extending dental benefits to eligible adults.

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Shellharbour hospital top of NSW Government’s privatisation list

THE NSW Government is charging ahead with plans to privatise hospitals in Shellharbour, Wyong, Maitland and Bowral despite major backlash from local communities and health workers. Initially the privatisation proposal also included the hospital at Goulburn, but this was dropped after a lack of interest from developers.

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