Health rebate means testing welcomed

Pensioners support private health insurance rebate changes 

Introducing means testing on the private health insurance rebate for high income households would bring considerable savings and improve health equity for all Australians.

“CPSA commends the Minister for Health for recognising that the current rebate system promotes unequal health outcomes between the rich and poor,” said CPSA Senior Policy Officer, Antoine Mangion.

“It is unjust for the rebate to be given to high-income earners as it leaves those on low incomes, often unable to afford private health insurance themselves, subsiding the well-off.

“There are many pensioners who pay high premiums for private health insurance, often forgoing other essentials to meet the cost. The means testing ensures that they continue to be assisted in covering the costs.

“The predicted $2.4 billion saving from private health rebate changes could be better spent on providing dental care for the 45 per cent of Australians unable to afford dental services. The savings from means testing the private health insurance rebate could cover almost half the cost of the Green’s Dental Medicare Scheme proposal."

CPSA represents pensioners of all ages, superannuants and low-income retirees. CPSA has 137 Branches and Affiliated Organisations, with a combined membership of 31,000 people.

Media Contact: Antoine Mangion, Senior Policy Officer
Mobile: 0410 612 182