Rental affordability snapshot 2018

Conversation about housing affordability is skewed towards homeownership, but what about renters?

Anglicare Australia produces an annual report that looks at the price of rental properties around Australia andcompares that to what can be afforded by people on some of the lowest incomes.

This year, it surveyed 67,365 properties listed for rent and found that rental affordability has become bleaker and not just in major cities.

Of the properties examined, only three country-wide were affordable for someone living on the measly Newstart Allowance. The situation is a little better for those living on the Disability Support Pension; they had the option of 485 properties. However, considering over 764,000 people receive this pension, the numbers don't add up.

For single people on the Age Pension there is just over 1% or 833 affordable properties in Australia.

These figures reflect the fact that Centrelink payments are now really only viable to live on if you are a homeowner or live in public or community housing.

Renting in the private market is simply unaffordable for people living on government income support. Meanwhile, homelessness is increasing and there are no government plans to work towards ensuring that all vulnerable citizens have the opportunity to live in safe, secure and affordable accommodation.

Surely this is not too much to ask for!