Creeping seniors housing developments halted

THE NSW Government has announced policy changes in response to community concerns about “the incremental creep of seniors’ housing developments” in rural and semi-rural areas.

An aged care or seniors living provider can get a Site Compatibility Certificate (SCC) to build next to rural land and a domino effect means that the land next to an approved seniors living area can also be issued an SCC. As a result of this loophole, seniors developments could be approved and then incrementally expanded. This resulted in much larger developments than originally considered. However, that loophole has now been closed.

Developers will now need to meet stricter criteria before they can expand. These criteria include limits on the impact of any new developments on existing and future infrastructure and services, including roads, water supply, sewerage and public transport.

With the number of seniors in NSW steadily rising and with it the need for the type of housing they like, there’s pressure on the NSW Government to make it easy for developers.

However, communities where these seniors’ housing developments are built must be able to accommodate the people who live in them. This may mean infrastructure upgrades, safe footpaths, safe pedestrian crossings, adequate roads and parking and access to public transport.  

Property developers have a habit of forgetting about these things unless they are reminded, and not just reminded, but made to include them in their developments.