Housing NSW abandons vulnerable tenants

“Minister Goward’s announcement of the sell-off of 293 Housing NSW properties at Millers Point makes it clear that the NSW Government has abandoned vulnerable households by further reducing scarce affordable housing options”, said CPSA Manager, Research and Advocacy. Amelia Christie.

“Blaming the sell-off on the poor maintenance of properties shows just how vital ongoing maintenance is and the poor conditions tenants have been forced to live in.

“Housing NSW tenants are being used as a political pawn and need assurances that their housing needs will be met within their current local area.

“Losing 293 properties is a significant blow to the ever diminishing supply of public housing (9,000 public housing dwellings have been lost over the last ten years.[1]) CPSA seeks assurances that these sales will be invested into increasing public housing stock.

“Forcing public housing tenants out of their community will further disadvantage vulnerable people, taking them away from their social networks and their essential services.

“CPSA won’t be holding our breath that adequate assistance will be provided to tenants that are forced to relocate. We have seen a hit and miss approach being adopted in this area when tenants have been asked to move as part of Housing NSW’s bedroom tax.  

“The NSW Government needs to come up with a viable long-term affordable housing plan rather than demonise Housing NSW tenants”, said Ms Christie.

Contact: Amelia Christie
Mobile: 0410 612 182


[1] Anne Skewers, Deputy Director General, NSW Land and Housing Corporation, NSW Inquiry into Social, Public and Affordable, transcript from 13 March 2014.