Strata 75% rule which will see older people evicted going ahead

“The NSW Government is pushing ahead with its proposal to only require 75% of owners to agree to the sale of a strata unit block despite widespread community opposition,” said Amelia Christie, Manager, Research & Advocacy.

“This measure, if it passes Parliament, will see older people kicked out of their strata homes.

“This controversial policy does not even have the support of all Government MPs[1] and why should it: this change will see vulnerable people lose their security of tenure and make unit dwellers second class citizens.

“CPSA is pleased that some Government MPs see this legislation for what it is: a developer money grab with no benefits to ordinary NSW citizens.

“CPSA urges the NSW Government to drop this unfair legislation which will see older people booted out of their homes at the behest of other owners. In its place we would love to see some meaningful policy proposals to tackle housing affordability and homelessness,” said Ms Christie.

Media Contact: Amelia Christie, Manager, Research & Advocacy
Mobile: 0410 612 182

[1] Alicia Wood (14 October 2015) ‘Anger as new strata laws approved’, The Daily Telegraph,