Housing Policy

Everybody should have access to adequate, appropriate and affordable housing.

Government housing policies and programs should be based on the principle that housing assistance must be provided equitably to people in different forms of housing (home owners, private renters, public renters).

Assistance should meet the needs of people, rather than relate to dwellings or categories of dwellings, and should be available to everyone irrespective of sex, age, marital status, sexuality, race, ethnicity, disability or life situation. Priority in assistance should be directed to people who are financially disadvantaged. Such assistance should also encourage the expansion of viable public and community housing sectors.

Older people, people with disability and carers should have access to a ranges of choices and the appropriate information to make reasoned choices. Further, they must be able to assert their rights as a tenant or homeowner, wherever they live. They should also be provided with sufficient resources and services to enable them to continue in their normal place of residence for as long as possible. There should be a sufficient range of choices to cater for people's varying needs and desires.

Policies aimed at providing accommodation for older people need to recognise that older people are part of the community and, as such, do not always want to be housed in segregated housing estates.