Everybody should have access to adequate, appropriate and affordable housing. Government housing policies and programs should be based on the principle that housing assistance must be provided equitably to people in different forms of housing (home owners, private renters, public renters). 

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Rental Bonds for Public Housing

THE NSW Government plans to introduce a rental bonds scheme for public housing tenants which will begin next year.

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Homelessness among older people

INCREASING numbers of older Australians are becoming homeless. One in seven homeless people are over 55 years old. That’s seventeen percent of all homeless people and the numbers are climbing, particularly among older women.

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75% Strata to commence

The Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015 is expected to commence on 30 November 2017.

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Social housing alert: Serco moving in

DETENTION camp and prison operator Serco wants to move into NSW social housing, and is lobbying to bring a controversial business model trialled on asylum seekers in Britain to Sydney.

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Apartment building glut to delay 75% rule?

The new NSW strata laws come into effect in November this year. The rub of that new law is the rule which says only 75 per cent of residents need to agree to sell the whole scheme.

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