Pensioners are imaginary housing millionaires

“Pensioners are getting sick of being branded wealthy property owners just because they bought and paid off their family home over thirty or forty years of hard work”, said CPSA Policy Coordinator Paul Versteege.

“Over the past few years we have seen attempt after attempt to paint pensioners as parasites who lock the younger generation out of the housing market and whose family homes need to be included in the pension means test. This ignores one simple truth: you can’t eat a house without eating your housing security.

“Media stories today use the HILDA survey to again beat up on supposedly wealthy pensioners who in reality are barely making ends meet on $22,500 a year for singles and $34,000 for couples.

“Do something about negative gearing, regulate private market rents like a civilised country should appoint a federal housing minister. It’s investors who have driven up house prices to insane levels, so stop scapegoating pensioners who just made sure they had a roof over their head that no one can take away.”

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