Pension age to 70: where are the jobs?

"The Government's push to raise the pension age to 70 is a cynical money-saving policy that will throw tens of thousands of post-babyboomers on the Newstart scrap heap. Anyone born in or after 1966 should be very worried", said CPSA Policy Coordinator, Paul Versteege.

"Proposing raising the pension age to 70 without worrying how people will maintain employment until they reach that age would be the act of an irresponsible Government. Blue collar workers, tradies and people in disrupted industries who don't make it to 70 in their jobs, may face well over a decade on Newstart, which is 40% lower than the Age Pension for singles and 22% lower for couples.

"The most recent labor underutilisation rate for people in the 55 – 65 age bracket is more than 12%, more than double the current overall unemployment rate of 5.8%. Clearly, a policy to increase the pension age to 70 without a substantive employment strategy for older people is an anti-social policy."

Media Contact: Paul Versteege, CPSA Policy Coordinator
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