Future Age Pensioners Rejoice: pension age 70 ditched by Government

"CPSA welcomes that the Australian Government has finally seen sense and ditched its plan to increase the Age Pension age to 70", said CPSA Policy Coordinator, Paul Versteege.

"Many of the 100,000 people over 50 who are on Newstart and have no real chance to ever work again now at least know they won't have to wait an extra three years for the Age pension.

"The logical next step for the Government to take would be to increase the Newstart Allowance. It was designed for people who were temporarily out of work, not permanently. The inadequacy of Newstart is not disputed. We need to see action.

"CPSA is very pleased that sustained campaigning against the pension-age-to-70 policy has paid off."

Media contact: Paul Versteege, Policy Coordinator
Mobile: 0409 81 41 81