All pensions and allowances must provide for a modest standard of living. Pensions and allowances must ensure that income support recipients with little or no private income can cover the cost of essential goods and services. 

There should be an equitable and adequate retirement income strategy to cater for the many people for whom superannuation will not provide sufficient income for a modest retirement.

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Energy supplement safe!

The Australian Government has decided to abandon plans to axe the Energy Supplement, which has been stalled in the Senate. The energy supplement is worth $365 a year to single pensioners and $550 a year to pensioner couples.

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Why the pension age must stay at 67

The Australian Government has ditched its plan to raise the age at which people become eligible for the Age Pension to 70. It held on to the plan for more than three years after announcing it as part of Budget 2015.

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Unanswered: 22 Million Centrelink Calls Per Year

Fifty five million calls to Centrelink call centres went unanswered during 2016-2017.

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Super contributions in retirement

If you are retired but have a part time job or perhaps do seasonal work, your employer pays you 9.5 per cent on top of your pay as your Superannuation Guarantee.

This money needs to go into a superannuation account.

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Tri-annual SMSF audits

The last federal Budget contained a measure to change the frequency of Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) audits from annual to every three years. This would only be available to SMSFs with a clean record over the previous three years.

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