All pensions and allowances must provide for a modest standard of living. Pensions and allowances must ensure that income support recipients with little or no private income can cover the cost of essential goods and services. 

There should be an equitable and adequate retirement income strategy to cater for the many people for whom superannuation will not provide sufficient income for a modest retirement.

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Welfare Reform update

The controversial Welfare Reform Bill is before the Senate and parliamentarians are gearing up to debate. 

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Guardian Surety Bond scheme canned

The 'unlawful' surety bond scheme has been scrapped and the NSW Government apologetically concedes. 

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Making death cheaper for Government

Another proposed cut to welfare payments and this time it is the Bereavement Allowance. 

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Pension processing times up

The Government wants to increase waiting times for the Age Pension, putting savings before people again. 

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Ungapping super

The estimated gap in unpaid superannuation in Australia is staggering and workers deserve answers. 

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