Housing survey 2017

The results of CPSA's 2017 Housing Survey have been crunched, with some interesting insights revealed.

Overall respondents were satisfied with their current housing: 93.5%, with 58.7% saying they are 'very happy' and 34.8% saying they are 'happy'. This leaves 6.6% of respondents who are dissatisfied: 4.7% 'unhappy' and 1.9% 'very unhappy'.

While it is fantastic that so many older people are happy where they live, there are some notable exceptions.

11.1% of those living-in with family aged 65-74 said they were unhappy.

Social housing tenants recorded the highest rates of dissatisfaction, with 15.4% of those aged 50-64 expressing dissatisfaction, 11.1% of those aged 65-74 expressing dissatisfaction and 46.9% of those aged 75-84 expressing dissatisfaction.

41.7% of private renters aged 65-74 expressed dissatisfaction.

In the 65-74 age group, 16.7% of land lease community/residential park residents and 9.1% of retirement village residents expressed dissatisfaction, but residents younger than 65 and older than 74 were unanimously happy.

Respondents who said they downsized slightly outnumbered respondents who did not downsize, 53.8% and 46.7% respectively.

The most striking survey result in the area of downsizing is probably that only 7.5% of respondents who had not downsized said that they wanted to downsize but did not do so because they couldn't afford it. It would seem therefore that un-affordability (real estate costs, stamp duty) is not a significant factor overall.

The two stand-out reasons why respondents said they downsized were that the upkeep of their old place was getting too much (23.9%) and that they wanted to be closer to family (24.1%).

46.7% of respondents who said they downsized to a land lease community/residential park did so to free up equity/cash. This was not a significant reason for respondents who downsized to other types of housing.

Getting into the house was judged 'very easy' to 'easy' by 90.1%, while general ease of access inside the house was rated 'very easy' to 'easy' by 92.6%. These are very high rates, considering that a significant majority of respondents were aged 75 or over.

It was surprising that only 40.6% of respondents in retirement villages had access to a hobless shower recess and that 20% did not have grab rails in their toilet and bathroom.