Interstate ambulance charges

Attention all those travelling interstate this holiday season: Do you know whether you're covered for ambulance services in other states?

The rules for this vary from state to state and it can get quite complex.
NSW residents, if you hold a Health Care Card or a Pensioner Concession Card and travel to Queensland or South Australia you are covered for emergency ambulances. However, you will receive an invoice, which needs to be sent to the NSW Ambulance Service for processing and payment, so that you will not have to pay for emergency ambulances.

NSW pensioners are also covered for emergency ambulances in all other states and territories and won't receive an invoice. However, any NSW resident receiving non-emergency ambulance services in other states and territories are liable for the cost of these services.

To be absolutely sure you are covered while you are travelling, it is a good idea to take out ambulance cover or travel insurance.

Some private health insurers sell ambulance only cover (about $75 a year for a couple) and many travel insurance policies also cover ambulance services. If you already have private health insurance, make sure you check your policy for interstate emergency and non-emergency ambulance cover before you pack your bags this holiday season.