Budget 2017: Targeting corporate and parliamentary leaners

Australia's multinational anti-avoidance law will be improved to cut out many of the loopholes used by corporations to avoid tax.

This is good news, but the federal Budget doesn't put a number on how much revenue would be gained through this measure. The Government has no idea how much currently slips through the net.

The Government will spend $13.2 million over five years to establish the Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority (IPEA).

IPEA's will audit and report on parliamentarians' work expenses. The new authority will provide clear and consistent guidance to parliamentarians and will monitor and administer claims for travel expenses and allowances.

The Government is abolishing the Life Gold Pass for all former parliamentarians except former Prime Ministers.

Former Prime Ministers will keep theirs "to assist them in meeting the commitments that arise from their continued standing and involvement in the community".