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Outasite and Outasite Lite are newsletters produced by the Tenants Union of NSW about residential parks.

Both newsletters contain articles and information on a broad range of issues and are intended for people who live in residential parks or those considering making park living their lifestyle choice.

To download Outasite or Outasite Lite click on the links below.

  • New Minister for Fair Trading; Assignment and the Residential (Land Lease) Communities Bill; GST in residential parks proposal scrapped and the NSW affordable housing inquiry
    Outasite Lite (December 2013)
  • Government funding withdrawn from the Park and Village Service; A trip down memory lane; The Residential (Land Lease) Communities Bill 2013; Balancing the choices; Site tenancy and occupation agreements; Residential parks - affordable housing or not?; Noble words in opposition but no action when in power
    Outasite (November 2013)

  • GST in residential parks
    Outasite Lite (November 2013)

  • PAVS history; Local Government regulation; CTTT news; Service NSW; Port Stephens Park Association Inc
    Outasite Lite (August 2013)

  • Draft exposure Bill exposed; Site fee increases; Utility charges and late fees; Community rules; Sale of homes; Termination and compensation for closure or sale of park
    Outasite Lite (May 2013)

  • Draft exposure Bill released; PAVS gets glowing report; National alliance; Councils and compliance
    Outasite Lite (April 2013) 

  • New Tribunal for NSW; Changes at the CTTT; New national network; Residential parks in Victoria; Regional residential parks forum
    Outasite Lite (January 2013)

  • Working together to improve park life - update on the review of the Residential Parks Act 1998; Emergency access; Carbon pricing is here; Advice and assistance for park residents; Is it age discrimination?; The impact of community title subdivisions; The CTTT turns 10
    Outasite (November 2012)

  • Residential Parks Act review update
    Outasite Lite (July 2012)

  • Deceased estate dwellings devalued
    Outasite Lite (March 2012)

  • Parks review: be careful what you wish for
    Outasite Lite (February 2012)

  • Let's talk! Fair Trading Minister opens the discussion on residential parks; Training and licensing of park owners and managers; Improving assignment; Relocation, compensation and the Residential Parks Act
    Outasite Lite (November 2011)

  • Rent increases: excessive rent increases the road to homelessness; Rental stress in residential parks; Residential parks register
    Outasite (September 2011)

  • Lets not rock the boat; Water charges for permanent residents; What happens when the park owner gets evicted; NSW Liberal, Labor and Greens' residential parks policies
    Outasite Lite (March 2011)

  • Location! Location! Location!; Deceased estates: park operators try it on; Sale and assignment; Operation dweller; Distressing development in claims for distress; Resident owned communities; Can mediation work for residential parks?
    Outasite (November 2010)

  • Equity share agreements - Are they a good deal?; Entry fees; Electricity; Smarting from smart meters; Alterations to your dwelling
    Outasite Lite (April 2010)

  • When the rains came; You have rights and a free local tenancy service to help you to enforce them; Access for tradies; Altered without consent; Profiles of parks where park operators and residents are getting it right; Pets on parks - a difficult issue; Park residents left out of electricity rebate plan
    Outasite (September 2009)

  • General price indexes and rent increases; First home buyers grant and dwellings on residential parks; Parks on flood liable land; Liaiason committees; Residents are entitled to peace, comfort and privacy; Residential park managers - is regulation required?
    Outasite Lite (March 2009)

  • PAVS rural road trip reveals tight rental market; Rejection of proposed residental park raises questions about affordable housing; Electricity changes; Withdrawal of goods, services or facilities; Park rules; Residential park and village groups - who's who and who does what
    Outasite (September 2008)

  • Social security and rent assistance; Park residents denied access to Government funded rebate relief schemes; Help when your residential park faces closure; Tips for people who are thinking of buying a manufactured home on a residential park; Park owners and managers - should there be more regulation?
    Outasite Lite (March 2008)