Un-fare Charges for Lithgow Pensioners

Pensioners in Lithgow have launched a campaign to bring an end to unfair ticketing arrangements, which allows pensioners to be charged twice the $2.50 daily fare cap.

The bus network in Lithgow is not part of the Opal network, but pensioners can still get a $2.50 daily ticket. The trains however, are a part of the Opal network, so the $2.50 Gold Opal daily fare cap applies for pensioners.

But there's no link between the buses and the trains, meaning that pensioners who travel on both train and a bus in the one day get whacked twice. One $2.50 fare for the bus and one $2.50 Gold Opal fare for the train. $5.00 all up, for a journey that should not cost more than $2.50.

"We are losing out on what we should really have to be able to travel" says Lithgow Pensioner Frank Butler, who is heading up a local community campaign to have the issue addressed.

The Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) is currently reviewing regional bus fares and CPSA has raised the issue of double-dipping on pensioner tickets in the Lithgow area.

It is also understood that Lithgow City Council is raising the issue with the Minister for Transport directly. Councillors have called for Lithgow buses to be included in the Opal network, a call which CPSA supports.

Lithgow pensioners Frank Butler and Ian Burrett standing in front of an Opal reader, holding a Gold Opal card