Lithgow pensioners make headway

Pensioners in Opal-enabled transport areas have access to all-day travel on bus, rail and ferry for $2.50. But not all are afforded this concession.

Not all regional buses are integrated into the Opal network, which means that if pensioners access both a train and bus in one day, they pay up to $5 for bus and train transport. Not for long though.

Lithgow CPSA members have helped tip the scales in favour of pensioners with a win for Gold Opal card holders in the area.

Since 1 December 2017 pensioners no longer have to pay double for transport using the local bus lines with NSW trains in Lithgow. In a twelve month trial service, the NSW Government will fund the gap and restore all day $2.50 pensioner transport.

Now, Gold Opal cards can be used to gain bus travel free of charge to and from Lithgow Railway Station when connecting with travel on the rail network.

This is a great victory for local pensioners and will hopefully go some way to easing the cost of living pressures.

If the trial is successful, there's a possibility it could be replicated to alleviate pensioner transport woes in other regional areas as well.