Griffith and Unanderra miss out on better transport again

Two longstanding transport issues affecting Griffith and Unanderra residents have once again been ignored.

It seems that people in Unanderra will have to continue campaigning for their accessible train station and people in Griffith will have to continue campaigning for their mid-week train.

CPSA with the help of Griffith Branch President Peter Knox wrote to the Minister for Transport about reinstating the mid-week train to Griffith.

There is currently only one direct train to Sydney from Griffith per week, it arrives in Griffith on Saturday and returns to Sydney on Sunday. If people want to travel outside this timeframe they have to catch a bus to Wagga or Cootamundra and then a train to Sydney. Understandably this is incredibly inconvenient for community members, particularly older people and people with disability who can experience a reduced capacity to travel.

The Minister responded, stating 'there is no spare train fleet available to provide a more frequent service to Griffith at this time'.

Similarly, Unanderra residents including members of the CPSA Branch have been campaigning for a lift at their train station for well over a decade. In 2015 they thought that their battle was close to being won when the funding was promised under the Transport Accessibility Program.

But not so.

The station appears to have missed out on funding for another year.

The NSW Premier has announced the up and coming state budget would include $133 million for station upgrades, listing eleven stations that would benefit. Unanderra was not one of them.