NSW Gold Opal card re-orders

EVER wondered why it takes up to a fortnight to get a new Gold or Silver Opal card from Transport NSW?

It is strange it takes so long, because the non-concessional Opal card can be obtained without any delay from newsagents and other outlets.

The reason apparently is that batches of concessional Opal cards are produced once a fortnight. That’s how long it takes for Transport NSW to collect sufficient re-orders.

Is this a good enough reason to make pensioners use a much more expensive non-concessional Opal card while they wait for their replacement Gold card?

Also, is it really necessary for concessional cards to look different from the ‘normal’ Opal card? It’s how the chip inside the card is programmed that matters.

As THE VOICE has pointed out previously, replacement Gold (not Silver) cards can be obtained without delay from the kiosk at Sydney Central Station, but nowhere else.

CPSA’s message to the NSW Government? Print up a batch of concessional cards in order to be able to fill re-orders without delay, or give everyone a same-look Opal card but programmed to suit the user.