Pensioner Opal Card welcome, but still no station top-ups

“Pensioners welcome today’s announcement that they will be able to get a Pensioner Opal Card and pay no more than $2.50 per day for their public transport”, said Charmaine Crowe, Senior Advisor Research & Advocacy.

“But the issue remains that pensioners will not be able to top-up their cards at train stations.”

“Many pensioners don’t want to top-up their Opal card automatically for fear that they may overdraw on their account and be charged exhorbitant bank fees.”

“Pensioners can top-up their card at some retailers, but often these are kilometres away from train stations.”

“For example, the nearest retailer to the Otford train station is 4 kilometres away at Helensburgh.”

“How is a pensioner with a mobility difficulty or disability supposed to walk kilometres to top up their Opal Card?”

“Pensioners can call to top up their card, but that requires access to electronic banking and a mobile phone, which is not something that all pensioners have.”

“CPSA welcomes the $10 minimum top-up option for pensioners as well as the allowing cheaper trips if they cost less than $2.50.”

“CPSA calls on the NSW Government to ensure that top-up facilities are available at all train stations so that pensioners are not caught out when they go to travel”, said Ms Crowe.

Media contact: Charmaine Crowe, Senior Advisor, Research & Advocacy

Mobile: 0422 707 332.