OPAL Gold Card price change steep: pensioners

“IPART's proposed price hike for Gold Opal card holders is too steep for the average pensioner, who will go from paying $2.50 to $3.60, then up to $4.00 by 2018”, said CPSA’s Senior Policy Adviser, Ellis Blaikie.

“We know that pensioners are the most sensitive to price changes, particularly for essential services like public transport. We're worried that some people will be forced to stop using public transport, which is a real concern as it means they can become isolated and lonely and this leads to poor health.

"Affordable public transport helps pensioners to get out and about, to go to medical appointments, to keep in touch with friends, to care for their family members and to do volunteer work.

“CPSA is disappointed that access to the Gold Opal card hasn't been extended to people on Newstart or Youth Allowance. These people, who face significant financial hardship, have missed out yet again." said Ms Blaikie.

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