Rural pensioners call for half of NSW Treasurer’s $1 billion windfall to save CountryLink trains

Ageing CountryLink trains are now past their use-by date, built to last for 25 years yet many have been running for over 30 years.

“CountryLink rail services play a critical role in reducing some of the transport disadvantage experienced in regional NSW,” said Research/Policy Officer, Amelia Christie.

“It’s important that much needed upgrades take place to keep CountryLink rail services running and that it remains in public hands. Any privatisation will undoubtedly lead to a dramatic rise in fares making it simply unaffordable for pensioners and others on low incomes.

“Given that the Government recently found $1 billion it is feasible that half this money could go towards replacing NSW’s ageing CountryLink trains. This would still allow for the Budget to remain in surplus,” said Ms Christie.

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