Granny you can drive my car! – NRMA ad unhelpful

"Outdoor advertising by the NRMA showing an elderly person driving a young person's car - "we cover anybody who drives your car" - is funny but also promotes the idea that older drivers are unsafe drivers," said CPSA Policy Coordinator, Paul Versteege.

"Older drivers are among the safest drivers in the country, no more likely to crash than anybody else. They also take anti-speeding and anti-drink driving messages seriously.

"On-road bullying of older drivers is already a problem and the NRMA ad is very unhelpful in that regard.

"CPSA considers that older drivers already suffer unfair and unnecessary age discrimination under the NSW driver licensing system.

“CPSA has strenuously pressed for a relaxation of the current regime before the NSW Older Driver Taskforce and recently withdrew from that body as we perceived it to be unresponsive to the real needs and concerns of older drivers.

"CPSA calls for the NRMA to withdraw their 'Granny you can drive my car!' ad and an assurance to older drivers that no disrespect was intended wouldn't be amiss either," said Mr Versteege.

Media Contact: Paul Versteege, Policy Coordinator
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