Review ignores evidence, recommends continuing age discrimination

“The NSW Government’s Older Drivers Taskforce recommended today that older driver testing continue despite a lack of evidence that on-road testing improves road safety,” said Charmaine Crowe, Senior Policy Advisor.

“Tasmania recently disbanded older driver testing on the basis of the evidence, which does not support mandatory on-road testing.”

Commenting on Australia’s licencing regimes of older drivers, Associate Professor Judith Charlton from the Accident Research Centre at Monash University stated:

“Not only is there no evidence to support mandatory testing of older drivers, there also needs to be recognition that there are real disadvantages associated with age based mandatory assessment.” 

“Premier Barry O’Farrell opposed older driver testing on the basis of the evidence and committed to abolishing the test prior to the last election.” (pdfOlder_Drivers_Deserve_Respect_And_Recognition_NSW1 media release OFarrell.pdf104.58 KB).

“Transport NSW is obfuscating the evidence by suggesting that mandatory on-road testing of older drivers is needed because older people have a higher risk of dying in a car accident. This has been found to be because of increased frailty. To put it simply, older people fare worse after a car accident (whether they’re a driver or a passenger) than their younger counterparts. There is no evidence to demonstrate that increased age equals increased risk.”

“The question is: on which evidence is Transport NSW relying to defend older driver testing?” 

Contact: Charmaine Crowe, Senior Policy Advisor
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