Older driver testing abolished in WA, NSW must follow suit

“It is good news for older drivers in WA who will no longer be subjected to discriminatory on road testing”, said Senior Policy Advisor, Amelia Christie.

“The WA Transport Minister stated that “older drivers are not disproportionately represented in crash statistics” and these testing requirements were outdated and “based on misconceptions or stereotypes”.[1]

“Importantly WA’s decision was based on evidence. Where is the NSW evidence?"

“The NSW Government is refusing to make the NSW Older Driver Taskforce report public; the report on which it based its decision to continue with older driver testing despite their election commitment to abolish it. CPSA suggests that the Taskforce report may not include any evidence in favour of older driver testing, otherwise why the secrecy?”

“CPSA continues to advocate for on road testing to be abolished across Australia as it does not result in improved safety outcomes and discriminates against older drivers who are among the safest on our roads”, said Ms Christie.

Media contact: Amelia Christie, Senior Policy Advisor
Phone: 0410 612 182.