Whether by public or private means, transport is fundamental in ensuring access to services and supports participation in civil society, through maintaining connections with family and friends and engaging in community activities. Transport is a key part of supporting the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of an individual.

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Transport Survey

CPSA is undertaking a survey of its members (and constituents) to find out about their transport use habits and what transport options they would like to have available to them. The survey specifically seeks your views on public transport, driving, the Opal card, community transport, health transport and hospital parking.

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A win for Save Our Rail

THE SAVE Our Rail campaigners had a win in the Supreme Court in December where they successfully argued that the NSW Government could not rip up the railway line into Newcastle without passing an Act of Parliament.

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No complaints about restricted driver’s licences

CPSA recently promised to get to the bottom of restricted driver’s licences for older drivers. Specifically, we promised to look into what sort avenues of negotiation or complaint older drivers might have.

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Pensioner Opal has arrived

THE MUCH anticipated gold Opal card for pensioners and Seniors Card holders has arrived and CPSA has been fielding a lot of calls and concerns about what it will mean for pensioner travel.

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Automatic car registration for pensioners

THE ROADS and Maritime Services (RMS – formally the RTA) has introduced automatic registration renewal for pensioners.

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