Whether by public or private means, transport is fundamental in ensuring access to services and supports participation in civil society, through maintaining connections with family and friends and engaging in community activities. Transport is a key part of supporting the physical and emotional health and wellbeing of an individual.

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Older drivers can negotiate radius

MANY older drivers think that, if they choose not to have a driving test once they turn 85, they must accept what the local motor registry gives them in the way of a restricted licence.

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Scooter data before new regulations

THE NSW Government has responded to the NSW Parliament’s Staysafe Committee report on mobility scooters, supporting most of the Committee’s recommendations.

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Opal unusable for many

CPSA CONTINUES to get a lot of calls from Members concerned about the introduction of “smart” transport ticketing through the Opal card.

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No tickets sold on Sydney buses

FROM 1 June bus users are no longer able to purchase a ticket on board STA buses.

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Calling all scooterists

THE NSW Parliament’s Staysafe Committee deals with all things related to road safety and recently completed an inquiry into mobility scooters and other “non-registered motor vehicles”.

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