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Opal unusable for many

CPSA CONTINUES to get a lot of calls from Members concerned about the introduction of “smart” transport ticketing through the Opal card.

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Your fate is in their hands

Photos of the nine crossbencher senators

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Triple Zero going out to tender

AUSTRALIA’s highly regarded Triple Zero (000) emergency service is under review.

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The electricity contract farce

ELECTRICITY companies continue to be allowed to change their prices over the course of your contract.

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40 applications per month to qualify for the dole

UNDER a plan to reform job-seeking requirements, Newstart recipients aged under 50 will have to apply for 40 jobs per month to continue to receive the payment.

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PIN problems

SINCE 1 August 2014 you can no longer sign to make purchases on cards and must use a PIN. (There are contactless options like PayWave and PayPass available for purchases under $100 which require no verification through PIN or signing, but security concerns mean that plenty of older people aren’t keen on these options.)

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