Older Persons Tenants' Service

The purpose of the Older Persons Tenants’ Service (OPTS) is to provide resources and information about older tenants’ rights. OPTS lobbies Government for a better deal for older tenants.

OPTS is now entirely funded by donations as the NSW Government ceased all funding to the service on 30 November 2013. Your support is vital to ensuring that we can continue operating. The NSW Government decided not to include an older persons tenants’ initiative in the latest round of funding for the Tenants Advice and Advocacy Program (TAAP).

'Affordability' and 'housing stress' are now words in our lexicon. There is a great need for tenants' services, as tenants get pushed from pillar to post, with an insecure private rental market and landlords extracting very high rents. Older people, especially those in the private rental market, are often the most vulnerable. Indeed, single, older female renters are the ‘new poor’.

CPSA has been auspicing OPTS for 27 years and will retain this website as a resource for older tenants but is unfortunately no longer able to provide individual advocacy.

If you need tenancy advice, go to:  www.tenants.org.au/need-advice

Older Persons Tenants' Service Evaluation Report (March 2013)

An external evaluation of the Older Persons Tenants' Service was conducted by Judith Stubbs and Associates.

pdfThe OPTS evaluation report can be downloaded here1.37 MB

Save an older tenant from eviction

ROD Shearer has lived in his Newtown bedsit since the 1980s. He’s 80 years old and his landlord has tried to evict him three times since 2006 but he’s stood firm, in large part because of the assistance he’s received from OPTS.

If the Landlord and Tenant (Amendment) Act 1948 is repealed, older tenants such as Rod will lose valuable protections and it’s likely that many will face homelessness. Click here to learn more about Rod's story and how you can help.